The Need:

Combating the menace of plastic waste pollution has become a global environmental challenge. Plastic pollution is capable of affecting land, waterways, and oceans as a large percentage of marine and land creatures have died due to the fact that plastic is non-biodegradable and it causes hazards to the soil. It also emits toxic gasses when exposed or heated up. It blocks drainage lines and fills up land space causing floods and erosion thereby causing deterioration of the Biosphere as a whole 

the mission:

The Mission is to make Nature pollution-free and restore it to its natural form. Plastic being the most hazardous substance has lead to an overall degrading of the environment we, humans, live in.

Kami Green brings a solution to the plastic hazard in terms of Compostable and biodegradable packaging materials. The Mission line mainly focusing on giving a sustainable lifestyle to the present generation and conserving the habitat for future generations as well.

Company Overview

A Unit of KAMI Biotech Industries is a Kashmir-based manufacturer of Biodegradable and Compostable packaging materials.

A first of its kind, KAMI GREEN has introduced the concept of starch-based, 100% compostable, and biodegradable packaging in the valley.

The first from the region to be a CPCB Certified manufacturer.

The Problem

Plastic is made to last forever, yet 33% of all plastic, that includes – water bottles, bags, and straws – are used just once and thrown away.

Plastic cannot biodegrade; it breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces and takes about 500 years to degrade while the manufacture and use of the total life span is not even an hour.

The Solution

Products made out of natural substances that degrade to their natural form causing no harm to the environment are called Green Products.

The manufacturing process of these products includes the use of renewable sources with minimal waste. The end products of these are decomposable, recyclable, and eco-friendly, hence maintaining the natural balance of the environment we live in.